Terms and Conditions (Extraction)

Freight Rates

Our freight rates are based on normal sized goods. Shipments, which cannot be transported in our normal traffic because of their size or weight, are charged according to our despatch department or weight/volume. Freight volume 1:6


We exclusively deliver your shipments with delivery note, CMR, AWB or written order from our customer to the company or person mentioned against signature. Specialities like deadline orders, COD, other instructions have to be clearly marked on the delivery note, CMR, AWB or written order. To guarantee deliveries on time all documents have to be handed over to one of our offices as quick as possible. COD shipments are charged extra.

Pick Ups

For your pick ups or loading instructions we always need an order in written form, fax or email. We refuse any liability for delays or damage on non-written orders.

Time Agreements

Time agreements are always made under assumption that traffic and road conditions are normal. We are not liable for delays caused by weather, congestion or accidents (even with our own vehicles).


We exclusively work according to ADSP, latest issue. Insurance is signed in at Schnuks Assekuranz, Munich.

Terms of Payment

Invoices are issued on 15th and 30th each month. It is possible to issue separate invoices for special orders. All invoices are due within 10 days non deductable. Set offs with other invoices or services are not possible. All prices are net (excl. taxes) in EURO.


Our company is independent and neutral. Any information resulting from our common business are treated strictly confidential. No information or data regarding your shipments or company are handed over to third parties. This excludes certain circumstances like robbery, theft or damage to support investigation and reduce loss.