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Import Fullhandling

  • Unloading of trucks
  • Collection of consignment
  • Dismantling of pallets/containers
  • Break/bulk of consolidations
  • Checkpoint control: checking consignment of damages and completion, confirmation of customs documents
  • Report of unloading, if necessary irregularly report
  • Measuring and weighing of goods if necessary
  • Storage in customers area according to AWB
  • Storage recording via warehouse documentation/imme- diate transmission of arrival details to customer
  • Customs transit documentation NCTS/T1
  • Customs clearing, transit, customs seal
  • Assembling for collection
  • Daily warehouse check
  • Bonded-warehouse handling
  • Consignments of self collection: collection time report for storage charges
  • Incashment of defined storage costs in case of self co- llection
  • Collection/handling from airline customs store

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