Welcome to the Detzer Group

Local Transport LEJ

With our fleet (consisting of vehicles with a loading capatity from 1,00 kg to 26.000,0 kg) we do your daily transport from and to Leipzig Airport within a circle of approx. 200 km.

In diurnal rhythm frequented destinations: At the moment the local traffic at Leipzig in stage of development. But anyway all the important places industrial centres whithin a radius of 200 km around the airport Leipzig are frequented by our trucks each day. In view of the mentioned development phase we will not garant for regular service.

For further questions please contact our office in Leipzig by phone number or mail adress as already mentioned.

All your import shipments which were handed over to us the day before will be delivered in time and reliable the next day on the relations mentioned. At the same time you have access to your P.O.D. via Internet.

All your export shipments are picked up same day and delivered to Leipzig Airport between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.